Caryn Azemoun

Personal and Parenting Coach




  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Education
  • Graduate of CoachU
  • Certified in Parenting with Insight
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Complex Children
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I started my career as an adolescent Certified Drug Counselor helping families find the strength to make a change. Now I support parents as they grow through parenthood, model behavior they want for their children, find new solutions and reach their goals.

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Have you ever had a job where you had no experience, no training, you weren't allowed to quit, and people's lives were at stake? THAT'S PARENTING I'm a Certified Parent Coach and Educator, and a mom of two teens that still talk to me (now that's success). My passion is to give you a safe space where you can be your true self, stay grounded and focused, provide tips & tools, and support you as you work through the complexities of parenthood. I understand, I get it, I'm here for you.


I coached with Caryn to help some parenting situations I was experiencing with my children. Caryn is fabulous at what she does. She is a caring, understanding and safe place to process all the stress that comes along with parenting; even with big kids! She partnered with me through a difficult time and helped me to see some of my own negative tendencies that are not serving me well as a mother. I will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions.

Brenda, Indiana, US

I had a very difficult year with my son. There were times when I felt like things were spiraling out of control and I didn’t know what to do. I felt alone and scared. Caryn helped me to see the light when I felt surrounded by darkness. She helped me to not get caught up in the chaos of the moment but to be intentional with my decisions and responses so I wasn’t reacting emotionally to the things my son was doing. This allowed me to better model appropriate behaviors for my son and also helped me to resolve conflict with him much quicker and with far more positive results.

Kelly, California, US

Caryn has been great! Since I've been meeting with her, I feel that my self development and awareness within myself has really grown. Its allowed me to really get in tune with what I truly want in life and is helping me achieve my goals.

Avital, New York, US

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