Kelly Miller

Certification in Applied Positive Psychology, Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching, and Certified Resilience Trainer




Family Communications
Resilience Coaching
Emotional Inteligence
Self Compassion
Self Awereness
Growth Mindset
Anxiety coping skills
Nutrition for Resilience and Purpose

I am a positive psychology coach. My certifications allow me to assist clients in finding a space, north of neutral. My skills in resilience help people to "bounce back better" and stronger from adversity. The relevant skills for parents are immediately applicable in families

Communication channels
My business A Brighter Purpose aims to stand shoulder to shoulder with parents in creating emotional wellness in communities. Children need parents who are reaching for their higher selves. The strategies and skills that I teach, enable parents to show up in the world as their best. Leading children is a sacred job. Having skills in mental, emotional, physical, and social/ spiritual wellness set parents up to lead with their whole selves.


Kelly is one of the top coaches I have worked with. She asks beautiful questions that quickly help me get to the core of what I'm working through, and her style is insightful, kind, and creative while also light and positive. She leverages evidence-based research and techniques that broaden the impact of her coaching. I have been able to overcome several roadblocks in my personal and professional life, and owe much of this progress to Kelly. So, of course I highly recommend Kelly and promise that you will experience life-changing results! She is amazing and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Gina DeRosa

Kelly is hands down an angel on earth... in my darkest moments, she was there. I've never had someone that truly wanted to help me. In a way that I actually had never been taught. To see the positive in my dark situations. Positive psychology was the biggest of my 2019. Thank you, Kelly!

Sarah Reyna

I have nothing but positive things to say about my coaching experience with Kelly Miller. Kelly listens with an open mind and open heart and asks questions to help you make sense of your own thinking. She is kind, encouraging, and obviously passionate about helping others find their true potential. Each session with Kelly has helped me come to a deeper understanding of what is important to me and my life.

Megan Chamberlin Strasser

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