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Postpartum support

Kelly Van Zandt is a certified postpartum doula who specializes in nurturing the spirit of the new mother. She is a mother of two, a meditation leader since 2010, a level two Reiki practitioner. Kelly helps women in their transition into motherhood from the first days to about twelve months postpartum by providing practical knowledge and an understanding of the transformation of the woman.

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Postpartum is a moment of intense change for a woman in every realm: physical, mental, emotional, biological, societal, and spiritual. I aim to ease the transition for new mothers as they gain their footing in their new reality.


Kelly validated and normalized my Feelings and experience. She treated me with kindness and consideration and emphasized that my care was very important, too. Kelly is warm, compassionate, open-minded and knowledgeable. Though she is very trustworthy with baby care, she has a special concern for mother care, which is very valuable.

Kelly has a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable and empathize with the struggles of being a new parent. I really felt like I needed adult company, a sympathetic ear, and an extra set of hands. I’m not great at asking for help, so Kelly was really wonderful about softly pushing me to give her things to help with and took the initiative to get things done.

Kelly is very easy to talk to and connect with. She offered companionship, a listening ear and a compassionate voice. She was a welcome addition to my day, which in the early weeks may not have involved many other adults.

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