Lilia Shifrin

MSW, ECPC, Positive Discipline Parent and family educator, ACC, ICF certified Solution-Focused Life Coach

New York



  • Parenting coach
  • Family coach
  • Erickson coach
  • Solution-focused coach
  • Parental coach
  • Positive Discipline
  • ICF Certified
  • ECPC
  • PCC
Parental Authority
Family Communications
Positive Discipline
Raising a confident child
Make kids listen
Teen communications
Homework and chores
Balance your life
Overcome your gremlins
Live up your values

I am a Certified Professional Coach (Erickson Coaching International, ACTP, and CCE ICF certified training programs) with a psychological background in Individual and Family Therapy (Master of SW counseling, Manchester University, UK). I enjoy working with different kinds of people facing challenging situations in personal or professional life, but family, kids, and couple relationships are my true passion. Helping people expand their awareness, get rid of their everyday obstacles, and improve their connections with each other AND to the world - it's what I do best. I'm also a certified PD family educator (Adlerian positive discipline approach) and provide classes and consultations for parents interested in long-term effective parenting solutions.

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After finishing my Master's degree in psychology, (Manchester, UK), I worked in HR consulting company while practicing individual and career counseling in different university' career centers. I was always interested in holistic theories, fascinated by Vicktor Frankl's belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose, or the Adlerian theory - that people as individuals should be validated, connected, and made to feel significant. I also felt that therapy shouldn't be so long and tedious so people would spend years to see any kind of progress or change. I was looking for something more effective. After moving to USA and before opening my private practice (and after having three of my children in-between), I finished one of the best life coaching programs there are, offered by Erickson Coaching International Academy. Founded by well known and respected coach (and psychologist), Marilyn Atkinson, this program utilized all the latest neuroscience research and positive psychology techniques, and it gave me exactly what I was looking for: the ability to offer solution-focused, tangible results to my clients. After I started my practice, I noticed that sometimes coaching can be greatly complemented by some extra information made available - many of my clients, who experienced parenting problems, never heard of Positive Discipline and even after I suggested some books, they had no idea how to implement the new concept into their life. This is why I got certified as a Positive Discipline parent educator and now offer parenting classes, also taking small groups on-line. I want my client not only to solve their problems, I want them to learn the solving skills.


I would like to thank Lilia for the Life Coaching sessions that I had with her. Lilia’s approach is a set of moving questions and an accountability structure. Thanks to Lilia, I was able to uncover my desires and challenges, and, most importantly find solutions. Lilia has a unique way of getting a client to uncover things from within. This was not easy but we did it. If you are looking for a life-changing coach, look no further!

Inna Sh, NYC

I knew I have to lose weight. but I was always reluctant about going to the gym on a regular basis. Two sessions with Lilia were enough to overcome my laziness and uncertainty. I am two months deep in my training and I have a good feeling about my results.

Michael, NJ

She is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Lilia as a life coach. Wherever you are right now in your life, she will meet you there and guide you where you want to go. And most importantly, you will love the process. Finally, I love my life and my kids and enjoy being a mom!

Lisa, NJ

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