Rachel Illari

Elimination Communication, Coach Potty Training, Coach Sleep, Routine Coach




  • Family Support Worker (Healthy Families Program)
Mineralize your body for a healthy pregnancy
Elimination Communication
Potty Training
Healthy Bedtime Routines
Relaxation practices for mamas

I teach elimination communication AKA infant pottying or early infant hygiene. I offer non-coercive potty training coaching for children 18 months and above. I can help you understand your own energy and your child's energy. By using this awareness we can craft a peaceful, relaxing, connection based bedtime routine that creates a feeling of restfulness for everyone.

Communication channels
I served as a family support worker with the Healthy Families Program, providing pregnancy, birth, and post-partum education, along with early childhood education and mental health referrals. As certified as a Parents As Teachers educator and provided regular home visiting services to families from pregnancy up through the child’s entry into school. As a mother of two, I know the love, commitment, hardships and wonder that preparing for conception, being pregnant, getting ready for the post-partum recovery time and motherhood can bring. Over the past 10 years, life has offered up a beautiful array of experiences in my mothering journey. I am here to serve, mentor, walk with you as you learn ways of natural mothering. From early potty learning to healthy, relaxing bedtime routines- I am here to serve.


A sacred space was created for me to relax and find inner peace. The Reiki session left me feeling rested and calm. I found joy and serenity during my session. It was a wonderful time to connect with my baby and myself.

Katelin, USA

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