Rita Morris

M.Ed, LMHC Certified Life Coach

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Complex Children
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Disruptive Behavior

I am a licensed psychotherapist and a certified life coach. I coach parents of complex kids ( kids who have ADHD, Anxiety, Executive Function etc.) go from anxious and apprehensive to calm, confident and connected.

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I am a Mom of two amazing children, I often say they are my greatest teachers. Both of my children are complex, struggling with anxiety, ADHD and Executive Function Issues. Motherhood is hard to begin with, then you throw in complexities, you have a whole other level of hard! I read, made behavior charts, took my kids to doctors, you name it, all resulting in very little change. I got to the point where I was willing to trade my right arm to find the kind of support that would work for us! It was at that point that I finally hired a Parent Coach. BAM! We finally hit upon the secret sauce. Going through this journey changed the trajectory of my family. Given my challenge to find the secret sauce, I decided I wanted to be the secret sauce to other families! This is where the journey to Parent Coaching began! I am beyond passionate about my work, I love what I do every day. I love the expereince of watching families grow, connect and change. Everyday I am amazed by the resiliency of the human spirit.


"Rita is one who takes time for each and everyone of her clients. Listening to fully understand the words of those speaking to her and giving guidance/suggestions and knowledge through years of education and a wide scope experience. You and your family will be in wonderful hands as you embark on a journey with A Parent's Path"

Erin, United States

“Rita’s parent coaching sessions have made a tremendous difference in our approach to parenting our two you teenagers. She has replaced our anxiety with a calmer attitude and approach. The benefits of the parent coaching have also helped to improve our marriage and improve the overall climate of the household. If there is any wavering about whether or not to take on ‘yet another commitment’, this is one that is truly worth your time.”

Rachel, United States

I felt as if I had been liberated! Rita catered each of our sessions to my personality and parenting style. I am impressed with the resources, professionalism, and passion she brought to every session. She became a mentor, a teacher, a resource, a catalyst, a comrade, and a friend! Each week I looked forward to sharing my thoughts, feelings and concerns and receiving feedback that was relevant to my needs and parenting style. She helped me define my values and then prioritize and organize my life to be in harmony with those values. This helped bring the peace that I was seeking for in my home. Because of our work together, I am now developing into the parent that I always wanted to be.

Elizabeth, United States

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