Sharone A. Coleman

Professional Co-Active Coach




  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified in Positive Psychology (CiPP)
  • Completed CBT for Anxiety
Family Dynamics
Positive Psychology
Personal Growth
Personal Strength
Personal Goals
Family Communications

I am a Certified Coach (CPCC), and completed certification in Positive Psychology CiPP). In my coaching I weave-in tools from the Science of Happiness, from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety), and Mindfulness. My coaching style is warm, dynamic and psycho-educational for lasting effect.

Communication channels
I am a mother and a step-mother. I love music and the arts, reading, clouds, summer-time and chocolate. Originally from Israel, I relocated to the USA in 2000, and came to coaching after a long career in business (high-tech). Fascinated by the forces that pull at our lives as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, I focus on the challenges we face within families and blended families, during smooth sailing and high-conflict or divorce, as parents, step-parents and co-parents. I help my clients go-deeper, recognize and break patterns that no longer serve them, and cultivate their inner strengths, and I'd love to work with you!


"Working with Sharone was a dynamic and (literally) life-altering experience for me. Sharone is a deep-listener and talented coach. She gently guided me through reflecting on my upbringing and past experiences and how they shaped, applied, and colored whatever was happening in my life at-the-moment. She gave me tools to reflect, process, identify and prioritize my goals and plan actionable next steps to start on those journeys. Her coaching helped me build self-confidence, confront areas in my life where I wanted to see change but had felt powerless to change, and to pursue new professional goals."

Brian, USA

"Sharone is a kind, intuitive, thoughtful listener...Her guidance and reflection back to me helped me to end a destructive relationship, set healthy, loving boundaries with my parents, and get my finances back on track. With her loving support I’ve been able to mindfully and lovingly navigate the illness and loss of my daughters’ father, help my daughters through their grief over the last few years, finish 7 years of tax returns, buy a house, re-structure my finances so I can live in a better budget, and improve my relationships with my wonderful daughters...My favourite part of my experiences with Sharone is that she remembers to celebrate my victories and encourages me to really sit with the wonder of a job well done and completed. This last part, I find, is crucial as a woman in today’s world who is trying to be so much to so many. I get caught up in the “check marks” and forget to breathe into the contentment as a project is wrapped up, so Sharone has taught me to stop and do my happy dance."

Michelle, Canada

"...I contacted Sharone because I was feeling really 'stuck' in my life and wanted more. While I am still a "work in progress" I can see dramatic and positive changes as a result of working with Sharone and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to fulfill their goals!"

Dena, France

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